Most people will have never heard of Yarnbombing or the other names it can be referred as; yarnstorming, guerrilla knitting, urban knitting and graffiti knitting. Yarn bombing is a type of street art or graffiti. Like graffiti that comes from a spray can it can vary greatly in style, aesthetics, and meaning. The big difference between yarn bombing and graffiti however is the purpose behind it. While spray painting or tagging can be seen as an act of vandalism, yarn bombings main motivation is to bring life, warmth, and a feeling of belonging and community.

Yarn bombing is a fairly new phenomenon in the street art world, with the earliest examples of it dating back to as early as 2002, though the term didn’t really start to catch on until around 2005.  We have a team of dedicated yarn guerrilla’s working hard to knit some really cute flora and fauna to decorate the Showground.  Look around you wherever you are as the yarnbombers could have struck anywhere!

The Woolly Maids team have been knitting for months to make sure our visitors experience this amazing and fascinating form of art.