No Agricultural Show would be complete without the ever popular Heritage Section.  The Kent County Show is particularly proud of the huge selection of vehicles that exhibit over the three days. Located near the main entrance the plumes of smoke from the steam engines can be seen as visitors enter the Showground.  As a country the UK has a long and prosperous history with transport, we were pioneers and along with the hugely successful Ford Motor Company and German manufacturers, led the world.

Whilst many visitors want to see the wonderfully maintained and restored cars it is the agricultural machinery that changed the way be lived and worked in Britain.  Mechanisation and the move from horse drawn machinery to steam power hailed the start of the modern era.

The Heritage vehicle section boasts a large number of tractors, steam powered machinery and stationary engines. Stationary steam engines were the reason that The Industrial Revolution occurred. Thomas Newcomen’s 1712 atmospheric engine and the further improvements made by mechanical engineer James Watt, saw the beginning of the change in the way power was harnessed. Tractor, commercial and stationary engine enthusiasts are the stalwarts of the classic and heritage fraternity.  Classic car enthusiasts are drawn to their vehicles with sleek styling and luxury image with many epitomising effortless elegance.  However, the stationary engines real appeal is the genuinely great engineering!

Everyday the vehicles parade in the Heritage Ring and include motorcycles, commercial, buses, pre/post war cars, tractors, steam engines, models and steam.  The parades start at 10.00am and continue until 4.30pm each day.  A selection of vehicles travel through the Showground each day so that all our visitors have the opportunity to see these wonderful examples.  The enthusiasts who man the Heritage Section are always on hand to talk about the history and are more than happy to give advice about restoration projects.  The Kent County Show is a great opportunity for families to show their children and grandchildren the majesty of our motoring legacy.