The magnificent Floral Show has a traditional and quite wonderful section at the end nearest Murrain Wood.  The enormous single span Marquee houses the Kent Federation of Horticultural Societies, Annual Summer Show and Competition.  The members have been exhibiting at the Kent County Show for decades and has changed very little over the years.  This hidden gem houses the produce, plants, stems and crafts that have been carefully cultivated or made by the many entrants from around the county.  Their dedication to amateur growing is a testament to just what can be achieved if you have ‘green fingers’, a bit of time and the desire to grow perfect specimens.

Class I which is awarded the KCAS Challenge Cup can be made up of four of the following items. Five Potatoes, dish of vegetables, dish of fruit, jar of jam, honey, marmalade or honey, a mounted photo or drawing, a baked exhibit, a potted plant, a vase of five flowers or a decorative exhibit of garden grown flowers or foliage.

The remaining classes are all split in to sections; Class 2 to 20 include fruit and vegetables, Classes 21 to 45 involve flowers and or foliage and classes 46 to 61 are pot plants.

The Home Economic classes cover, baking, crafts and preserves with two special junior classes, 79 and 80.  Class 79 is for children aged 8 and under and involves making a snake from plant material.  Class 80 is for young people aged 9 and over who need to enter a pot using a choice of their own materials.

For more details on becoming a member or entering the competitions please visit the Kent Federation of Horticultural Societies website