Our old friend Titan is back at the Show on all three days.  This giant robot is a must see for anyone coming to the Kent County Show on 7, 8, 9 July 2017. Last year the jet setting global sensation made appearances in Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Abu Dhabi, China, Azerbaijan, Paris, Austria and Ireland.  Luckily you won’t have to set a foot out of the county to see him this year.

Titan’s unique blend of comedy, street theatre and music creates a show unrivalled in the world today and has lead him to appear on TV shows such as Big Brother, Daybreak and the Gadget Show as well as popping up at many prestigious events including the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix and the UK premier of iRobot and Real Steel. Titan has also worked alongside superstars including Will.i.am, Rihanna , Will Smith and Jackie Chan.

Since his conception way back when, TITAN the ROBOT has become a bit of a big deal and his comical antics have built up a cult following in the real world as well as on the World Wide Web. Titan’s live performances can draw large crowds and a first encounter with the 2.4m robot can make even the bravest of people just a little nervous.

Titan will be making a number of appearances throughout the Show, for specific locations and times please see our ‘Plan Your Day’ page.