Although the Kent County Agricultural Society is celebrating its 90th Show we have a display that celebrates a way of life from nearly seventeen hundred years ago. The Herigeas Hundas are a group of seasoned reenactors with a passion for the late 4th century to early 7th century Anglo-Saxon period.

Our Kent County Show visitors will be able to take a step back in time because Herigeas Hundas recreate history that you can see, smell and touch by living as our ancestors did in the early Anglo Saxon period, demonstrating the encampment of a thriving war band.

They are very fortunate to have many skilled members of the group who are able to demonstrate a wide variety of ancient crafts as part of a living history.

Visitors can experience the heat of the furnace as our blacksmiths toil away to create new weapons for our warriors, see their talented wood workers and leather workers creating camp life essentials using traditional techniques and tools and take a closer look at the beautiful and colourful clothing being stitched by their seamstresses.

Have you ever wondered how it would feel to come face to face with the fearsome shield wall of a Saxon war band? Well the reenactors will be putting on displays demonstating  fighting techniques with a wide variety of weapons, from sword to spear, and show off the strength of a shield wall against enemy archers. Their own band of archers offer a skilled display of deadly accuracy. The group will be in our Woodland Area so to see a genuine display of ‘Living History’ take a stroll through the woods to find this unique and interesting enthusiasts.