Last year was the first time we invited Bob Hogg to bring along his Lamb National.  It proved to be such a success that we have decided to have the amusing display back on all three days. Once the livestock competitions are finished for the day the Lamb National will be in the Agricultural Rings.  The race will be run at 1pm on all three days then again at 3.10pm on Friday, 3pm on Saturday and 2.45pm on Sunday. Bob, a well-respected sheep dog handler and trainer has managed to find a breed of sheep that just love to jump.  These Herdwick sheep line up in their colours at the starting gate and then proceed to race down the course.

Sheep have a strong instinct to follow the sheep in front of them. When one sheep decides to go somewhere, the rest of the flock usually follows, this is a trait that is highlighted in the Lamb National. Jumping is part of some breeds natural behaviour, new born lambs frolic in the field, which in essence is just them learning to jump.  The behaviour is often about escaping danger but sheep have been known to jump as part of natural play.

The Lamb Grand National is driven in part by a trusty sheep dog who encourages the sheep around the course.  The audience are encouraged to pick their favourite and encourage them around the course.  We are under no illusion that this may never replace the real Grand National but it certainly comes a very close second.