AUS Ltd British Pole Climbing Championships

The Kent County Show will host the AUS Ltd 25m British Pole Climbing Championships. First held here in 2014, the spectacular competition has proved extremely popular with our visitors. The 25m poles, which can be seen from nearly all over the Showground, were grown in the Longleat Forest in Warminster, Wiltshire, the Douglas-fir trees were originally 45m in height. Once felled they were peeled and smoothed before being transported to the Kent Showground on a specialised extendable rear steer trailer capable of carrying the two poles weighing approximately 5 ton each. Now erected at the Showground, the poles have been standing an impressive 25m in height for the past 4 years.

Sponsors of the event, AUS Ltd provide specialist equipment, particularly aimed at those carrying out utility work but is equally suitable for most kinds of remote pruning and felling activities. For tree surgeons and those who work in arboriculture, climbing tall trees is an essential part of their job. The Pole Climbing Championships are the perfect place for these professionals to put their climbing skills to the test. The best competitors can reach the top of the poles in under 10 seconds.  The best climbers over the three days will be chasing the current World Record of 9.76 seconds.

There are two heats each day at 10.00am and 1.00pm and the final is at 3.00pm. The professionals will climb the poles in under 10 seconds so don’t miss the opportunity to see the skill of these forestry workers. Find the Pole Climbing Championships at stand number 402 (grid ref: D9).