In one corner of the Kent Showground on all three Show days, is a display that cannot be missed.  The Sheep Show might make you think that this could be just another agricultural display at the Kent County Show,  but the truth is that the Sheep Show is a highlight. Brilliantly clever, wonderfully informative and in some parts hysterical –  this will be one not to be missed.

The Sheep Show has been invited to Kent for the last decade mainly because our visitors keep coming back for more.  The Show runs several times a day to ensure that people get plenty of chances to watch it.  Lasting about 20 minutes, the audience is introduced to the woolly cast… a number of sheep, each a different breed and each with an amusing and fitting name.  The presenter starts by explaining a little about each breed, what they are bred for and where they come from.  Whilst this all seems a little ordinary, it really isn’t.  The slick delivery of the presenters matched with the unpredictable behaviour from the sheep and the general feeling that at any moment chaos could ensue, means that both adults and children find the whole performance delightful.

The show continues with one of the sheep being shorn, not an easy feat to complete, but the experienced shepherd can faultlessly shear, talk and even make jokes about bikini lines.  The show finishes with the ‘sheep show shuffle’, where the full cast step on their podiums and dance! Well shuffle… this is the Sheep Show and they would be on ‘Britain’s got Talent’ if they could do the Tango!

Full details of Show times can be found on ‘Our Plan Your Day‘ tool