Welcome to the final day of the 2018 Kent County Show.  Well where do we start… two magnificent days in the sunshine and today will be no different.  The Household Cavalry Musical Ride has most definitely wowed all our visitors, the display of pageantry stirred a wonderful feeling of Britishness and pride especially at the end when the three national flags and Union Jack were ridden at pace through the Astor Ring to cheering crowds.  If you are coming up today then please make time to see them it really does make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. They are on in the Astor Ring 11am and 3.15pm.

Elsewhere on the Showground, all our stands, competitors, demonstrations and displays were fantastic, pulling out the stops and talking to visitors about the very best of Kent.  We can’t do a morning post without mentioning the atmosphere here at the Show during the monumental quarter final between England and Sweden, whilst this was not the focus of the Show the game was shown in a number of locations and on blowing the final whistle the crowds at the Show were able to celebrate with everyone here and there was an incredible atmosphere.

We hope today exceeds yesterday and that the Nation is in jubilant spirits and ready to enjoy their County Show and everything that we are proud of in Kent.