BBC Radio Kent will once again be live from the Kent County Show across the weekend, providing live coverage and speaking to those involved in making the Show happen. But this year they’re trying something different, which could get the Kent County Show in the record books! They’re going to take over the Countryside Ring from 4.00pm on Saturday – and attempt to break the World Salsa Dancing Lesson Record!

We could be talking about 2000 people shaking their way into the Guinness Book of Records! It’ll be a very short choreographed routine, and ANYONE can take part. If you’re interested in being one of the record breakers, email to register your interest.

Do you have what it takes to beat a world record in salsa dancing?  There are a number of existing records in the salsa dancing world, and all of them are up for grabs. If you do choose to help BBC Radio Kent break the current Guinness World Record, you will be helping get our county on the map. The largest rueda de casino, was recorded a little over three years ago and was set in Thessaloniki, Greece. Rueda de casino, or solo salsa dancing, is a popular approach to the beloved dance. On June 1, 2014, 1,102 participants flocked to the Danza Fuerte competition including a number of dance school students. The real goal was to bring together the entire Greek salsa community, with everyone performing the same choreographed solo moves. The fact that it set a world record was sheer icing on the cake.

Over a thousand people from seventeen countries throughout the world gathered on Havana’s iconic seafront on 25 November, 2015, to try and set a new world record for salsa dancing. Cuba was attempting to get the record for the world’s biggest salsa round dance, known as the Rueda de Casino, for 15 consecutive minutes. Unfortunately they were not successful and Greece still holds the crown.