Sally Miles, a Life Member wrote to us to tell us about her experiences and why she loves the Kent County Show. We loved it so much, we thought we’d share it with you.

I just wanted to drop you a line to say how incredibly sad Tracie and I are not to be at the Kent County Show this week. Tracie and I have been best friends since we were children and started attending the Show together aged 16 – we’re now getting uncomfortably close to being 50 and we have not ever missed a single Show. We always used to come on the Thursday, of course that become Friday a few years ago… I’ve got lifetime membership and every year I treat Tracie to a member’s pass. It is honestly our favourite day of the year – work, children, husbands and real life stay at home and we re-live our youth, eating, spending, drinking and talking too much…

It’s a day of reflection and the only day of the year we manage quality ‘best friend’ time. As ridiculous as it probably sounds, but we’ve both had tears about the fact that we’re not coming this year, it really is that special for us.

In terms of favourite memories, I think for us it’s the tradition of it – we get there as soon as the gates open, proudly park right up front with our member’s pass (having driven all the way there showing it off in the window!) and grab some breakfast. We’ve grown up with the Show so our interests have changed over the years – we used to buy lots of home stuff when we both bought our first houses, then it moved to baby/children’s stuff when I had my twins, then we both started building our silver jewellery collection (whilst heckling the old ladies who were buying the frumpy amber jewellery) and then the last couple of years started buying our own lovely amber jewellery, LOL! And every Show includes something for my horse, a pick n mix whilst watching the show-jumping, a few shandy’s, an (over-priced but delicious) box of olives and an inevitable chocolate fountain. We’re usually one of the last out so we absolutely make the most of the day – sitting in the sun, hiding from the rain, whatever the day brings! Sitting in the member’s enclosure chatting with the piano playing in the background is so lovely.

We bash into lots of people we know, some of whom we literally only see there, so once a year – or not, if we hide because we don’t have the energy to be sociable.

In 2007, I was pregnant with the twins and had to have a snooze part-way through the day, so we found a little spot in the shade & I nodded off. I got rudely awoken by Titan who scared the life out of me!

I don’t think we have any many stand out memories as such, just a general love for the tradition and the time of reflection – we always have a heart to heart whilst watching one of the classes (showing or jumping) and look back at the last year and predict what the following year will bring – it’s seen us through so many times, happy and sad and we’ve grown up with it. It’s so special to have a day of the year where you press ‘pause’ on real life and actually notice where you were a year ago (& the year before that, and that…). The Show is always on top of my birthday so my husband always gives me some cash and tells me to spoil myself – which I do. He never gets change 😉

We can’t wait to get back there next year, hopefully more special than ever. Our plan is to get a brick with our names on at some point – I did think about doing it this year (as we’re saving so much money by not coming!) but unfortunately like so many others, my business has been hit hard these last few months so actually, it’s going to have to wait a bit. We will definitely do it though so save us a space! In future years, hopefully my children will come and enjoy seeing our names on there long after we’re gone! 🙂

So I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work. I appreciate the hit this will have had on the showground and I hope you all manage to find your way through it relatively unscathed.

Sally Miles

Life Member

Kent County Agricultural Society


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