The Kent County Show will once again be hosting the Husqvarna 25m UK Pole Climbing Championships.   The 25m poles were erected last year and have become a real talking point for visitors to the many other Shows hosted at the Kent Showground.   The imposing poles can be seen from all over the site and originated from 45m Douglas-fir trees.

Sponsors of the event, Husqvarna UK are suppliers of garden, landscape and forestry equipment. The company have been developing robotic mowers for over 20 years. Their wealth of experience, combined with their innovative engineering techniques, mean that no matter what challenges people face in the garden, Husqvarna will help achieve the perfect result.

Husqvarna will have a large trade stand, showcasing their extensive range next to the competition poles in the Country and Game Area. The international company have been sponsoring both national and world pole climbing competitions for a number of years and are thrilled to be coming to Kent.

Last year the fastest times recorded over the three days were:

Friday Experts – Patrick Hayes 10.68, Charlie Edwards 12.56

Saturday Experts – Grant Gallier 9.51, Patrick Haynes 10.20

Sunday Experts – Patrick Haynes 9.85, Grant Gallier 10.14

Friday Tree Surgeons – Matthew Hayes 14.20, John Burton 14.34

Saturday Tree Surgeons –  Dan Smith 13.75, Matthew Hayes 13.76

Sunday Tree Surgeons – Joe Dann 14.65, Joshua Salisbury 14.73