NEW DATES: Friday 8, Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 July 2016

The Kent County Agricultural Society, organisers of the annual Kent County Show, has announced revised dates for the 2016 Show.

The Show will be pulled forward a week and the new dates will be Friday 8, Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 July 2016.  Historically, Agricultural Shows have followed a calendar that spanned back several decades; this ensured that exhibitors and competitors were able to attend sequential Shows without a clash of dates.  The closure of the Royal Show in 2009, which took place in July, opened up space in the Agricultural Show calendar.  The Kent County Agricultural Society has taken the opportunity to utilise the date and move the Show forward.

The Kent County Agricultural Officers and Board of Directors, many of whom are farmers, realised that in the South East the arable harvest was getting earlier and the Show was in danger of clashing with the first week of combining.

Kevin Attwood, Kent County Agricultural Society Chairman and an arable farmer said, “Kent is often one of the first counties to start the harvest, ensuring that our farmers can attend the Show without compromising the important first few days of harvest was a big consideration.  Taking in to account the feedback and the availability of the new dates it seemed an ideal opportunity to make the announcement”.

Lucy Hegarty Show Manager explained, “There are several reasons that the Society has made the decision to move the Show forward; firstly after the Royal Show closed in 2009 we debated moving for 2010 but decided to see how other Shows would respond. There was a small amount of shuffling but the date remained open.  Secondly we are trying to encourage more schools to visit and engage with the Show.  It became apparent that the final week of term was not a good time for schools to organise a trip.  We hope that by moving the Show to earlier in July, Kent Schools will be in a better position to bring their students”.