This year at the Show there will be lots of free activities for children. Coming to a family event is important for youngsters and we want them to have a really magical time and learn about farming, the countryside and animals. We have added a number of activities and displays  for our young visitors to get involved in; ranging from Welly Wangling to free pony rides and Pig Racing to Birds of Prey!

A children’s favourite, Tractor Ted will on hand in its own area where children will be able to play on the Tractor Ted Bouncy Castle, operate Digger Den, take part in Welly Wanging, complete a giant puzzle and visit their merchandise shop.

There will be free pony rides at the Show this year. Young visitors  will be able to ride the ponies free of charge and will be supplied with a British Horse Society riding hat. Free pony rides will be available between 10am – 4.00pm (subject to breaks).

In the Clive Emson building, in our Why Farming Matters in Kent Area, the NFU will be holding their Roadshow hosted by new host, Adam Jones.  The Roadshow will be joined by Blossom our cow who provides children with the opportunity to learn about milk, they will also be able to make butter, drive miniature tractors and find out more about a number of seeds and what they grow into. For adults this area will also host our cooking demonstrations and provide information about careers in the rural industry.    

Wandering around the showground this year for the little ones we have Peppa Pig and her brother George from the hit children’s TV show! During the Show they will be walking around talking to people, there may even be a chance to have your photo taken with them.

If there is any moment to spare during your visit then watch some of the displays that we have on offer.  Your children will love watching the Pig Racing, the Sheep Show, Birds of Prey and of course, the Dog and Duck Show.

The Sheepdog and Duck display will be returning to the Show this year. It is exciting display in which the intelligence of the sheep dog is matched only by the cuteness of the ducks. The display is very interactive and children scramble to get picked to help with the display. As an adult the children’s laughter is infectious particularly when the dogs try and herd the children through the course instead of the ducks!

Another display returning this year is the Sheep Show which has been invited to Kent for the last 12 years mainly because our visitors keep coming back for more.  The Show runs several times a day to ensure that people get plenty of chances to watch it.  Lasting about 20 minutes, the audience is introduced to the woolly cast… a number of sheep, each a different breed and each with an amusing and fitting name.  The presenter starts by explaining a little about each breed, what they are bred for and where they come from.  Whilst this all seems a little ordinary, it really isn’t.  The slick delivery of the presenters matched with the unpredictable behaviour from the sheep and the general feeling that at any moment chaos could ensue, means that both adults and children find the whole performance delightful. The show continues with one of the sheep being shorn, not an easy feat to complete, but the experienced shepherd can faultlessly shear, talk and even make jokes about bikini lines.  The show finishes with the ‘sheep show shuffle’, where the full cast step on their podiums and dance!

The Hawking Centre Birds of Prey free flying demonstrations take place twice a day. Bella the golden eagle and Bassett the peregrine falcon will be on hand to greet visitors and demonstrate their flying skills high above the Showground.  Falconry is a tradition that goes back centuries and involves huge amounts of both trust and patience.  This display is a must for visitors of all ages.

Six rare breed pigs, ranging from Tamworths to Gloucester Old Spots to Saddlebacks to Berkshires to Oxford sandy and blacks, will fill our arena with their amusing antics for our first ever Pig Racing display.  The handlers in country style outfits encourage them down the track by shaking a bucket of food and the pigs hurl themselves over the hurdles in their rush to be the first to the bucket!

All the activities mentioned are free to our small friends, but don’t forget that all around the Show there are plenty of animals, cows, sheep, reindeer, horses, pigs, rabbits, ducks, chickens and goats with plenty of volunteers on hand to chat about them and in many areas the children will be lucky enough to get a hands-on experience, with plenty of hand-washing stations to clean up afterwards.

Let us know after the Show what your children enjoyed most.