The Kent Youth Trials has been a popular display at the Show for many years and is returning again! Observed motorcycle trials is a skill sport where a rider manoeuvres a bike using throttle and clutch control all the while practicing good balancing skills. The rider negotiates obstacles within a designated area called a section, riding between coloured markers, endeavouring to keep their feet up. The custom built course at the Kent Showground contains a number of complex obstacles that the youngsters navigate with skill and precision.

The ride is very intense and the competition is fierce! If the rider puts their feet on the floor or fails to fulfil other conditions then they face a penalty and could have extra time added onto their total lap times. During the weekend there will be lots of demonstrations and trials for people to watch and support the youngsters!

The Kent Youth Trials Club itself caters for 4-21 year olds who have a love of the skilled sport and the challenges that come along with it. They host a trail and competition every month with four levels that their riders can progress to, starting at beginners level and increasing to national standard for the expert riders.

As well as the younger members they are used to, they have started taking membership from adults after seeing interest in joining the club rise. Due to the competitive nature of the sport more people have started getting involved from all ages. Trial riding is a truly versatile activity for the whole family to enjoy as a spectator or as a competitor!

For more information check out their webiste by clicking here