Aimee Baughurst, member of Cobtree YFC attended the National Championships at Staffordshire County Showground in June 2018. The Kent County Agricultural Society supported her journey through the travel grant provided to Kent YFC for National Competitions. Find out how Aimee got on here:

It all started when I submitted a mood board for winter comps. I designed an app, based around making the farmers lives easier by giving them assurance that their animals were nurtured well and would create a premium product for them. The app would update the farmer when the animals had been fed and if their water was low.

To my surprise, I won against tough competition. The judges gave me excellent and constructive feedback. I was even more surprised to find out that I would be going straight to the national finals in June, which was a massive achievement for myself, my club and my county.

Before I knew it, June was here, and we were on our way to Staffordshire County Showground to attend the national finals. When we arrived, the air was buzzing with excitement and groups were already practising their debates at 8am.

However, I was full of nerves being in this new environment. One of the first things that we saw was the line of mood boards, each one unique and looking amazing. I then presented my board to the judges, who were friendly and inquisitive. The whole process went quickly, and I was able to take a look around at the other competitions, such as fence erecting and debating.

Overall, it was an extremely enjoyable day, and I recommend taking part in competitions and am thankful for being given the chance to experience this amazing opportunity.

Aimee Baughurst, Cobtree YFC