Hamish Elliott is one of our first-year scholarship students and has written the following report on his Agriculture and Applied Farm Management course at The Royal Agricultural University.

I am finding my Agriculture and Applied Farm Management course very interesting. We have lectures at 9.00am most mornings until about 1.00pm or 2.00pm. Wednesdays we have general agriculture until 11.00am as we then have sport in the afternoon. I am playing rugby for the first two terms and when that finishes at the end of the second term I shall shoot. I am enjoying living on a small campus because I already feel that I know everyone, and my accommodation is really close to everything, which makes life very easy.

I am enjoying all the subjects that I have to do at University. Farm Business Management has proved to be very enlightening, learning new ways to run a farm and covering all aspects of business including Finance and Law. We have recently researched some unusual and interesting diversification ideas in Estate management.In crop science we have covered a lot on cereals and maize. I am very interested in Triticale, a wheat and rye hybrid which was created in the late 19th century.

My spare time has been filled with Rugby training and weekly matches against other Universities (with somewhat mixed results!), lots of socialising and fun in the Student Union, and I’m looking forward to some shooting. I was pleased to be voted Course Representative which involves a meeting with the head of the course each month to give student feed back. I feel I have helped make some very positive changes that the students felt necessary. I also have a lunch with the Vice Chancellor coming up after Christmas which I will update on further in my next report.