Henry Overy, one of our Kent Rural Scholars is currently studying Agriculture at Newcastle University. Henry explains how he spent his summer months working on the family farm.

During this summer I worked on my family farm working alongside my uncles on the arable harvest. We started harvesting the oil seed rape around mid-July where I was corn carting. Whilst we were waiting for the wheat to dry I was disking the ex-rape ground to try, and for the oil seed rape volunteers to germinate. We then started the wheat around the beginning of August which was earlier than normal however this was due to the hot weather throughout the summer. In addition, we had a small area of spring barley which we planted for seed in which we cleaned and will then drill this spring. This is a new crop to be put into our rotation to replace second wheat, to try to reduce and fight against black grass.

With the hot weather continuing through August it meant that we also started the beans in late August.

After all the harvest was in the shed, I then swapped trailer for subsoiler and cultivator. The first job was to get all the oil seed rape ground ready for drilling. For the rest of my summer I stayed on the cultivator to turn the ground around ready for this years’ crop. Throughout my summer I captured footage on my GoPro where I then produce a video of the summer harvest which I have recently put on YouTube. I have now started my University Course, studying Agriculture at Newcastle.


Henry has also produced the following video of harvest 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sNiwLaFMPo