Briony Balcombe is currently studying Animal Science at Writtle University College. We support Briony financially through the Kent Rural Scholars Scheme. Below is an update now that she has finished her first year.

I have finished my first year of my Animal Science degree at Writtle University College and it has been amazing. This year has allowed me to grow and develop not only my understanding for a variety of different species which I haven’t had the opportunity to work with before but myself in general.

This year I studied 6 modules, including; mammalian & comparative anatomy and physiology, principles of animal management, biochemistry, biological processes and sector studies. These included a mixture of laboratory practicals, handling practicals and theory based lectures which I find extremely beneficial. My favourite part of the year was my animal practicals as we divided our practicals into sections so we can work with equine, livestock, companion animals and wildlife.

During my spare time I have been completing work experience at a veterinary practice and working on farms, helping with lambing and halter training the cattle for shows!

I’m looking forward to starting year 2 of my studies in September as I’m focusing more on livestock, behaviour and reproduction.