Although my first term at Harper Adams felt like only a week, it was great to get back in January for my second term. Once the introductions and drinks had finished after meeting up with everyone after Christmas we all got back down to work, the lectures all continued as if we had not been away at all and I found each module extremely fun and interesting just as I had in the first term, one thing I particularly enjoy is hearing all the different views and preparations to help the UK’s agricultural sector plan for post Brexit.

At this point the first stages of the coronavirus started to hit the UK but none of us could imagine that our second term would actually turn out to be our last term of the year. Due to our exams being cancelled, all our modules were completed through assignments in which I passed all modules.  Although our year at Harper Adams was brought to a halt too early, it gave me a chance to carry on with my farm diversification project ‘Hawthorne Trench’ in which we have made our WW1 trench system bigger and more detailed getting ready for school trips and filming later in the year as well as our public open days. I would highly recommend Harper Adams to anyone thinking about going there in the future. I have made great friends that I will definitely keep in touch with through the summer and share all our harvest stories over the phone.

The scholarship from the Kent County Agricultural Society has been great in helping me get through my first year at university. With part of the scholarship helping towards workbooks, laptop and the rest helping me put a deposit on a house next year at the local village to Harper Adams. I look forward to starting my second year in October. Until then I am due to start my harvest job in the next few days to help keep me busy until getting ready for university again. I am very grateful to the Kent County Agricultural Society for the help and motivation they have given me so far and I am proud to represent them at Harper Adams. Although my first year is over too quickly, I have loved every moment and can’t wait for the next year back at Harper Adams.

Toby Dingle

Kent Rural Scholar

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