Hannah Mackenzie is studying Animal Therapy at Writtle University College. Below she tells us about her first year and the impact Covid-19 has had on her studies. 

My year at Writtle thus far has been a very successful time, of which I have enjoyed greatly. The practical element to all of my modules really helped the modules come alive and made the experience a very enjoyable one. Writtle continues to amaze me in the great range of resources they give us to help us be successful in our courses. One example is the weekly dissections for anatomy modules! I will never forget the feeling of walking into a laboratory to be faced with a whole horse to dissect as a group. Other weeks saw us using the university’s horses and dogs to palpate on and having practical sessions on what we have learnt in the theory section.

As well as the practicals we have had undivided support from our lecturers on the theory sections of the modules. All of the lecturers have great knowledge, experience and passion for the subjects they are teaching. We have had many assignments to complete to the best of our abilities and I have been pleased with my results thus far.

However, the outbreak of Covid-19 has left the nation in unprecedented times and as a university student it has left great confusion and for most a feeling of loss! I for one, miss learning in a fixed routine. We are now taking on lectures in an online format and also turning in assignments and completing and revising for open book exams. I am finding this manageable, but very distant.

It is reassuring that our lecturers are only an email away.  I have been trying to get my assignments in at a good time and aiming to do some work each day towards my assignments and/or exams I have coming up. I am glad that the lockdown came after most of the content was covered for this semester so I have a good base knowledge. I feel I should be okay and still come out with my target at the end of this year.

We all know that at some point, this will all be over and everything will be back to normal. It is just important for now to try and stay safe and support key workers over the UK who are doing a grand job.

Applications for the Kent Rural Scholarship Scheme are still open. Find out more about the scheme here: https://kentshowground.co.uk/financial-awards/