This year at university has been amazing but so different! I have been able to develop my animal management skills by volunteering and gaining a job at the university farm, alongside being given an amazing opportunity to go to South Africa with Colchester Zoo to their private nature reserve later this year/next year.

I got to study a various range of modules this year, including behaviour, genetics, animal health science and nutritional biochemistry. Throughout the year I have been able to attend conferences, trips and demonstrations which have helped to develop my understanding of the industries within the modules.

I hope to gain work experience over the summer holidays in several work environments to help with my application for a veterinary medicine degree. With COVID-19 making my second year come to a short end, I am carrying on with my studies through online learning whilst receiving amazing support from my lecturers.

I look forward to starting my third year of my degree in September!

Briony Balcombe

Animal Science at Writtle University College