Visitors to the cattle lines at the Kent County Show will get the chance to see a breed never before seen at the event.

Farmers Sam and David Maughan will be bringing their Lowline cattle from Dorset for the first time to compete in the show ring and to meet the public.

What makes this breed so different is that despite being a direct descendent of the now famous Aberdeen Angus, it stands at just one metre tall when fully grown.

There are just a handful of Lowlines in the UK and the Maughans look after the largest herd with around 100 cattle grazing 60 acres.

Sam Maughan said: “Everyone comments about their height because they are two-thirds of the size of a typical cow that’s reared for beef. But because of this they make for great cattle because they’re easy to handle and they only need grass – no requirement for expensive grain that commercial beef cattle are usually fed on.

“Their size also means that you can have more of them in a field than the larger beef cattle which means you need less space to keep them. That’s why they are particularly popular with smallholders.”

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