The Taste of Kent Awards 2019, organised by Produced in Kent, has begun with the first category, the Garden of England Champion tastiest soft fruit and cherry, judged at the National Cherry and Soft Fruit Show at the Show this morning.

Judged on taste alone by both professionals from the industry and members of the public the winning varieties and growers for this year are:

Cherries – Class 60 winner Brian Piper, Filmers Farm, Loose, Nr Maidstone with the variety Carmen.

Strawberries – Class 70 winner John Myatt & Co, Mockbegger Farm, Rochester with the strawberry variety Magnum.

Raspberries –  Class 80 winner Total Worldfresh, Langley, Maidstone with raspberry variety Ovation

Blackberries – Class 90 winner John Myatt & Co, Mockbegger Farm, Rochester with the blackberry variety Incentive.