The Forestry area of the Show is a journey of discovery.  A peaceful walk through a lush green woodland where the hustle and bustle of the Show seems very distant. Murrain Wood was part of the original grounds when the Showground at Detling was purchased in 1964.  Since that time a voluntary committee and team of ground staff have maintained the trees and kept the woodland alive.  Visitors are able to journey down through a number of exhibitors and woodland craftspeople but do walk down to the Working Horses.  These magnificent working horses are testament to the traditional way we used to manage our woodland and forest areas.  Whilst mechanisation has transformed the way we manage our environment, there is still merit in using horse-power. Natural Traction will have  a team of horses doing demonstrations on all three days. The vital role that horses play as a method of timber extraction is now recognised within the woodland and forestry sector. An environmentally sensitive management technique, horse drawn timber extraction offers the woodland manager and owner a viable low-impact alternative in situations where the use of machines may either be inappropriate or uneconomic.

The CLA will be focusing on forestry and why the countryside matters.  The organisation, which represents landowners, farmers and rural businesses will be presenting three Kent Woodland and Forestry Awards at a special reception on Friday. The Woodreeve Trophy is awarded to a student or apprentice for achievements in the learning and study of woodland and forestry.  The Edward Hardy and CLA Trophies recognise outstanding service to forestry, woodland and land management in Kent.