Vintage Vehicles

No Agricultural Show would be complete without the ever popular Heritage Section.  The Kent County Show is particularly proud of the huge selection of vehicles that exhibit over the three days. Located between Entrances 4 and 5, the plumes of smoke from the steam engines can be seen next to the 25m poles for the UK Pole Climbing Championship.  As a country the UK has a long and prosperous history with transport, we were pioneers and along with the hugely successful Ford Motor Company and German manufacturers, led the world.

Everyday the vehicles will be paraded in the Heritage Ring including motorcycles, commercial, buses, pre/post war cars, tractors, steam engines, models and steam.  A selection of vehicles will also travel through the Showground each day so that all our visitors have the opportunity to see these wonderful examples.  The enthusiasts who man the Heritage Section are always on hand to talk about the history and are more than happy to give advice about restoration projects.  The Kent County Show is a great opportunity for families to show their children and grandchildren the majesty of our motoring legacy.

From working Steam Engines to Rolls Royce Phantom’s the area is full of nostalgic trips down memory lane. The area also boasts, tractors, machinery, car clubs and model railways.

Kent Youth Trials Bikes

With riders starting from as young as five years old, Kent Youth Trials Bikes teach children and teenagers the skills required to balance bikes across obstacles such as giant rocks, ride up tree trucks and jump bikes on the spot. Observed motorcycle trials is a skill sport where the rider manoeuvres a bike using the throttle and clutch control all the while practising good balancing skills. Having worked with the Kent Showground for over five years, they are always a favourite for young and old alike.