Flower Show within the Garden Life marquee

The main Flower Show in the Garden Life marquee housed an array of beautiful flower and floral arrangements hosted by the National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies. Each class allowed competitors to produce an arrangement full of colour and creativity.  The lower half of the large marquee hosts specialist nurseries selling plants and experts were also on hand to give advice and guidance. Joining the florists and plant specialists was the Kent Federation of Horticultural Societies. The Kent Federation runs competitions for members in the horticultural sections encouraging one of the greatest spectacles – the ‘perfect’ fruit or vegetable.  This is only one of the many horticultural competitions; others include cut flowers, pot plants, bonsai, cactus, informally arranged floral exhibits and a number of craft competitions.

Hanging Baskets & Children’s Competitions

The area boasted a large number of specialist nurseries selling unusual and unique plants as well as the Hanging basket entries and children’s ‘Miniature Garden’ competition which showcases the creative talents of these Kent youngsters.

Floral Art

The NAFAS Competition theme for both adults and children this year will be Time To Celebrate. Every day in the Garden Life marquee, NAFAS once again will provide adult and child workshops.

Flower Show Demonstration Stage kindly sponsored by Gullands Solicitors

Visitors could take a rest in this beautiful marquee, visit the Garden Cafe and listen to talks and demonstrations.

The Mole Show

A humorous insight into a strange world that lies beneath our feet- The Kingdom of the Mole. Based just outside the Garden Life marquee, the Mole Show took visitors through the journey of the garden mole.