A new visitor to the 2017 Kent County Show will be Dexter, a 2 year old baby Tyrannosaurus, a brilliant 4m long life-like part animatronic dinosaur.  He has proved that no matter how old we are, we are still fascinated by these prehistoric creatures.  Dexter will also be bringing his wrangler, who will be on hand to keep the noisy dinosaur in check.  Visitors will also be able to see the Dinosaur Nursery, with a new-born Tyrannosaurus, a baby Triceratops, and a baby Stegosaurus.  If you are lucky you may be able to give them a hug.

Another highlight will be Mr and Mrs Flora. These stilt walkers are covered from head-to-toe in scented flowers so realistic that people often wonder if they have been freshly picked. These living, moving sculptures are mesmerizing and children are enchanted by their height, costumes and movement.

Another children’s favourite, Tractor Ted will be back for 2017, he will have his own area where youngsters will be able to play on the Tractor Ted bouncy castle, operate digger den, take part in welly wanging, complete a giant puzzle and visit their merchandise shop.

Regular Showgoers will be delighted to hear that Titan the Robot will be back.  This incredible, giant robot is a real crowd pleaser and has become part of the Kent County Show over the past decade. Across the World Titan has grown a cult following and his antics still amaze the hundreds of people that surround him whenever he makes an appearance.

Another new attraction for the 2017 Show is The Old Milk Parlour, a unique display of a vintage dairy.  It gives an insight into how milk was produced and how the milk went from udder to a bottle on our breakfast tables. Visitors will get a real sense of what a working dairy used to be like, including the sounds and smells.

The Countryside and Game area of the Kent County Show has grown in popularity over the past five years, with entertainment such as The Sheep Show and The Hawking Centre, with their awesome free-flying birds of prey. Not to be missed is the brilliant Dog and Duck display where the collie dog herds the ducks skilfully through a course around the ring.  Visitors can also see The Terrier Team, Harrietsham Ferrets, Gamegoer Gundogs and enjoy free children’s pony rides.

Lucy Hegarty, Show Manager said “It is important that all of our visitors have a wonderful day out.  The best recipe for this is to have a large number of interesting, interactive displays where people can be very hands on.  Whilst we know that the animals are a major part of the experience, we are also aware that education that is fun can be extremely powerful.  All over the Showground there are pockets of amazing displays, demonstrations and activities where people can join in.”