In the Food Tent this year, debbie&andrew’s Sausages will be providing visitors with samples of their products to purchase or sample! Their recognisable image of a pair of farmer’s welly boots instantly shows their deep farming roots and their desire to produce products using the highest quality ingredients from British Farms.

As a company they create recipes which are meaty, hearty and succulent through using the best quality pork cuts from Red Tractor approved farms and old fashioned methods. With products ranging from pies to bakes, Soups to Sausage rolls and Sausages to Meatballs there are plenty of options to suit everyone’s taste!

After initially starting as a small family business, their company soon grew due to the high quality of their products, into a popular family favourite with companies such as Tescos, Sainsbury’s and Asda selling their products. The high quality ingredients and flavours used to create their sausage products have captured the eye of the nation and found themselves in homes throughout the country.

As well as making their delicious sausages the company strives to help out in their community. debbie&andrew’s support is aimed at small projects that do not normally attract funds and for whom even a ‘micro’ award can make a major difference.  From £50 to a maximum of £1000 cash is awarded to communities who are fundraising for any good cause that brings ‘A Real Taste of the Country’ to life.  It could be in support of the village fete, a country fair, an open day at a local farm, a school project or a local support network.  Any activity that includes the community and brings country values to life or supports rural skills or local networks can apply!