Once again the wonderful Kent County Show ‘Cookery Theatre’ will be in full swing on Saturday and Sunday. The purpose built demonstration kitchen in the Food & Farming Area, plays host to a number of local chefs and cooks organised by Matthew Kearsey-Lawson.  Matthew is the mastermind and owner of multi-award winning, Kent Fine Foods.  Known for his witty presentations at some of Kent Farmer’s Markets and his regular spots on BBC Radio Kent, Matthew has gathered together a really diverse group of fantastic cooks, who will be offering advice, tips, recipes and tastings to the audience.

Starting both days will be author, Rosemary Williams who has written books about preparing fish. ‘Prep That Fish – crab’ has been well received and if you want to know more about how to prepare shellfish, are scared of it or just stay away through fear of messing it up, this demonstration is for you! Simon from award winning Macknade Fine Foods will be the second chef to demonstrate. Macknade are passionate about what they do, and have a genuine love for food and drink and the traditions, effort and provenance that go in to producing it. His demonstration will be an homage to quality ingredients.

Copper Rivet Distillery will be explaining their philosophy, ‘from the very outset, we wanted to create something truly unique and distinctive at the Copper Rivet Distillery.  We knew the only way we could do this was to take control of the complete process of creating our own handcrafted spirits from grain to glass’. This informative talk will give a real insight in to the process of making  a truly local gin.

Owner, Laura from Kent Crisps will be showcasing the humble potato and how it can be elevated in to an award winning, delicious snack. Laura said ‘we carefully select, and work closely in partnership with, the best British producers to promote the economy and tourism in the UK. Our signature approach is to bring you some of Kent’s best products and combine these to create flavours we all know and love’.

Hilary Steel from Steely Good Food will be cooking some of the wholesome products they sell online and at Farmers Markets. Hilary creates interesting recipes and has an in depth knowledge of great ingredients.

Matthew Sworder, is chef at The Corner House Restaurants.  Corner House are a collection of independent venues, situated in Kent, serving British produce, locally sourced. The Corner House Minster is critically acclaimed and has won the title of Kent Restaurant of the Year. The Corner House Minster opened in 2013 with The Corner House Canterbury opening its doors on 1st July 2016.

The final demonstration on Saturday is from Bruce McMichael from The Lemon Grove. Expect to hear plenty about the colourful world of citrus, Bruce is full of stories about wonderful ingredients and recipes, and stories about the beautiful places you can find lemons, oranges and grapefruit.


Saturday 7th July

10.00am Rosemary Williams, Prep That Fish

11.00am Simon Maynard, Macknade Fine Foods

12.00pm Matthew Russell, Copper Rivet Distillery

1.00pm Laura Bounds, Kent Crisp / Kentish Oil

2.00pm Hilary Steel, Steely Good Food Company

3.00pm Matthew Sworder, Corner House Restaurants

4.00pm Bruce McMichael, The Lemon Grove

Like Saturday, Sunday starts with Rosemary’s fish preparation demo and is followed by Victoria Bryant who will be cooking her amazing and delicious crepes.  Victoria will be delighting the audience with her classic crepes along with a few twists and surprises.

Gavin from Papas Barn in Larkfield will be cooking their signature fish and chips. For the tricks of the trade and how to make the perfect batter make sure you take a seat at midday.

Laura Bounds will be back on the stage on Sunday to talk about their award winning crisps and Kentish Oil.  Patrick Hill from Thackerays will be the penultimate chef of the day showing how to turn simple ingredients in to a Cordon Bleu meal.  Thackareys, Tunbridge Wells has a wonderful seasonal menu that Patrick will be highlighting during his demonstration.

Will Devlin who has newly opened a fantastic concept restaurant in Cranbrook. The Small Holding Farm & Kitchen believe that growing their own produce on the farm brings an understanding and honesty back to the kitchen, and a vital freshness. Will be be cooking some of their signature plates.

Paolo Rigolli, Director and Head Chef of The Kent Collection which are private and corporate event caterers and also specialist food producers specialising in Catering, smoke-house, charcuterie and patisserie. Paolo will be showcasing the dishes that he enjoys cooking and giving the audience wonderful tips and ideas to elevate their home cooking.

To complete our Cookery Theatre demonstrations will be one of Produced in Kent, Kent Young Chef winners.

Sunday 8th July

10.00am Rosemary Williams, Prep That Fish

11.00am Victoria Bryant, Little Brittany Creperie

12.00pm  Patrick Hill, Thackerays Restaurant

1.00pm Laura Bounds, Kent Crisp / Kentish Oil

2.00pm Will Devlin, The Small Holding Farm & Kitchen

3.00pm Paolo Rigolli, Kent Collection

4.00pm Kent Young Chef Award, Produced in Kent