The UK Pole Climbing Championships is a show to establish who can climb a 25m free standing wooden pole with appropriate climbing aids in the fastest time.

Types of classes at the Show

Expert Class:

Competitors in this class used any climbing equipment subject to complying with the equipment regulations mentioned in the above rules and regulations.

Tree Surgery Class:

Competitors in this class must not have won in a novice class in any national event or any previous competition. All Entrants in this class must use ‘off the shelf’ equipment, no custom made spikes. It is advisable to use a steel core strop/flip line. Climbers in this class can elect to become experts and participate in the expert event but this must be indicated on the entry form prior to the competition.

Once a climber has elected to become an expert, they cannot return to the tree surgery class. One of the objectives of this category is to encourage those who have not taken part in this sport to have a go. Novice climbers will be welcomed and all efforts made to ensure that they are able to practice outside the glare of the main competition with the possibility of taking part in the tree surgery class event. Friday 7 & Saturday 8 July were be practice days which were be run on the same format as the UK 25m Pole climbing Championships on Sunday 9 July with prizes for each of the days.

UK Open Championships:

This was on Sunday 9 and will be a separate competition from the events of the practice days. As with the previous two days, there is a limited amount of time in the morning qualification for the afternoon competitions and pre-booked entries will be given preference to those arriving on the day. It is not necessary to attend the two previous days to compete in the 25m Poleclimbing Championships.

Extra Awards:

There were prizes awarded for the fastest time set by a lady, senior and a veteran over the three days. Eligibility for these awards are: Senior (30-45 years of age) and vetran (45+ years of age).

These are NOT classes of their own. An award was presented to the highest placed UK born competitor together with a cash prize of £100.