If you love four legged friends then the Kent County Show has hundreds of dogs ready to entertain, astound and make your heart melt! The County, Game and Canine Area is packed full of these wonderful companions.  From the focused Sheep Dog herding ducks to the excitable terriers going full pelt down the track, our canine friends play a big part in the Kent County Show.  At 10am in the Main Ring on Friday the Coakham Bloodhounds will be showing how team work and obedience is a vital part of their job. In the Countryside Ring there will be terrier racing three times a day, your terrier will love the enjoyment of racing against their competitors in our ‘have a go’ terrier racing heats! This is open to small/medium breeds of terrier and the fastest dogs will go forward to a final!

Kent Canicross will be putting on a display twice a day to encourage dog owners to combine running with exercising their dog, a perfect combination to keep both owner and pet healthy.  Gamegoer Gundogs will be showing the audience how to get the most from your working dog.  Whilst they train dogs for very specialised areas, it is worthwhile dropping by during a display to get some tips and hints for your own naughty pooch. The final display each day will combine the Gundogs honed skills Birds of Prey for an exciting peek in to the world of the working Gundog.

On Saturday visitors can watch the parade of beagles these playful dogs enter the ring and are running all over until the horn blows and they then become one pack who keep their eyes firmly on the Horn Blower.  Likewise the Foxhounds will be in the Ring on Sunday.

The Gundog Scurry run by Dog Solutions will be based in the Country, Game and Canine area over the weekend. Run mainly at Game Fairs and Country shows, a Scurry is a timed competition aimed at finding the dog that retrieves a dummy or dummies in the fastest time.  Scurries are fun, ‘have-a-go’ events. Anyone can enter. A dog does not even have to be a gundog breed, nor does it have to be kennel club registered.  A typical scurry includes; a straight marked (seen) retrieve, two marked (seen) retrieves to be picked in turn, a dummy to be retrieved from a fenced in pen, necessitating the dog to jump in and retrieve it, one or more blind (unseen) retrieves hidden behind a bit of cover (usually a bit of bush), a retrieve over hay bales – dog is required to jump over several hay bales in an alley in order to retrieve a dummy or two. Each dog and handler takes it in turn to compete. The dog must not be sent for the retrieve until asked to by the instructor / judge who is timing the scurry. Some scurries make it a requirement that the dog must be off lead at the start, some are quite happy for you to hold onto your dog. Regardless, you may still hold your dog but it just means that for some scurries you will not be in the running for a place.

K9 Aqua Sports©, is the UK’s and European’s largest independent canine aquatic company and will be at the Show on all three days.  Canine Aquatic Sport, also known as dock diving or dock jumping, is a dog sport in which dogs jump from a 40ft long dock into a large swimming pool 40ft long x 20ft wide (or body of water) and compete against each other for distance (the long jump for dogs into water), height (the high jump for dogs) or speed (the sprint for dogs).

The canine aquatic sport of dock jumping was introduced in 1997 at the Incredible Dog Challenge in the United States and featured on ESPN Great Outdoor Games competition in 2000 and has seen this great dog sport become one of the fastest growing canine sports in the World. K9 Aqua Sports© showcases all the wonderful features of this Canine Aquatic Sport and being innovators are creating more dog friendly water sports competition, using the dock and pool, introducing them to all dogs and their dog loving handlers, Worldwide.

Dock jumping is a fully interactive sport, in which both the dog and the handler, together as a ‘Team’,  can work to improve their skills, entertaining themselves, their family, friends and crowds. K9 Aqua Sports© does not discriminate within this sport and is open to all dogs of any breeding, any size and any ability. All dogs including agility dogs, flyball dogs, gundogs, obedience dogs or even the families pet dog are welcome, as long as they are over 6 months old and healthy.

To join in the fun all you need to do is register onsite at K9 Aqua Sports, both you and your dog will become a Team.  The cost for a Team is £12, this gives you a wristband that entitles your Team (1 Dog & 1 Handler)  to take part in the practice sessions and then jump in one of the two competitions taking place at 12noon and 2.30pm daily.  The good news is that this wristband can be used on all three days if you are a Society Member or are visiting on more than one of the Show days.  The dogs placed 1st to 6th will receive a Splash Heat Rosette, with all other in the Splash Heat receiving a Participants Rosette.  For those of you whose pooch is a complete newbie, why not take advantage of the half-price ‘Have-a-Go’ offer, priced £6.00, this enables your dog to take part in a practice session from 3pm until 6pm, after the competitions have finished, please note spaces are limited on Have-A-Go sessions.