Country, Game and Canine Area

The Country and Game Area is a great addition to the Kent County Show this year. With trade stands and entertainment it is an area that’s not to missed.

Husqvarna UK Pole Climbing Championship

If you visit no other attraction in this area, then make sure you see one of the UK Pole Climbing Championship heats or finals.  The 25m poles can be seen from a distance, so head in that direction.  The winning time is likely to be around the 9 second mark so don’t blink.  This is the second visit for the Husqvarna supported UK Championship which attracts the best climbers in the country.  There are two classes of climbers; expert and tree-surgeon with 2 heats at 10am and 1pm with the final at 3pm on each day.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Take advantage of this traditional pastime and join in the action at the on-site Clay Pigeon Shoot, all equipment will be provided.  So if you are a sharp-shooter or a novice why not pop down to see you get on. The shooting range is located in yellow car park through Entrance 3 or 4.

Coakham Bloodhounds – Friday

The Coakham Bloodhounds Hunt was founded in 1976 and hunt “the cleanboot”  which is unadulterated human scent left by a man or woman running ahead of the pack. Hunting with a pack of bloodhounds is one of the least artificial method of hunting organised quarry, and, whereas a fox will run freely, a human quarry can make more effective use of the increasingly urbanised countryside. The hounds hunt by scent alone, unlike many other breeds of hounds that hunt by sight.   Watch this wonderful breed in the Countryside Ring with noses to the ground and ready to get to work.

Parade of Beagles – Saturday

Small, compact, and hardy, Beagles are active companions for both children and adults. Canines in this dog breed are merry and fun loving, but being hounds, they can also be stubborn and require patient, creative training techniques. Their noses guide them through life, and they’re never happier than when following an interesting scent. The Beagle originally was bred as a scent hound to track small game, mostly rabbits and hare.

East Kent Pony Club Display

Pony Clubs are often youngster’s first introduction to competitions and we are lucky to have some wonderful clubs in Kent.  Their display of mounted games is fast paced and exciting for the audience and good experience for the young riders.

K9 Aqua Sports – Splash n Dash

K9 Aqua Sports© is the UK’s and European’s Largest Independent and most Innovated Canine Aquatic and Dock Diving Events and Competition Company.

Canine Aquatic Sport, also known as dock diving or dock jumping, is a sport in which dogs jump from a deck (dock) into a large swimming pool (or body of water) and compete against each other for distance (the long jump for dogs), height (the high jump for dogs) or speed(the sprint for dogs). It’s a must for all dog lovers. 

Dogs Trust Stand

Every year Dogs Trust looks after more than 16,000 lost and abandoned dogs at our nationwide network of 18 Rehoming Centres. Dogs Trust believe no healthy dog should ever be destroyed and that every dog should have the chance to lead a happy and healthy life in a loving home. Meet staff from Dogs Trust Canterbury to find out about our work and why not pick up a present for yourself or your dog at the same time and help us raise vital pounds for hounds.

Sheep Show

The Sheep Show has been invited to Kent for the last 10 years mainly because our visitors keep coming back for more.  The Show runs several times a day to ensure that people get plenty of chances to watch it.  Lasting about 20 minutes, the audience is introduced to the woolly cast… a number of sheep, each a different breed and each with an amusing and fitting name.  The presenter starts by explaining a little about each breed, what they are bred for and where they come from.  Whilst this all seems a little ordinary, it really isn’t.  The slick delivery of the presenters matched with the unpredictable behaviour from the sheep and the general feeling that at any moment chaos could ensue, means that both adults and children find the whole performance delightful.

The show continues with one of the sheep being shorn, not an easy feat to complete, but the experienced shepherd can faultlessly shear, talk and even make jokes about bikini lines.  The show finishes with the ‘sheep show shuffle’, where the full cast step on their podiums and dance! Well shuffle… this is the Sheep Show and they would be on ‘Britain’s got Talent’ if they could do the Tango!  The Sheep Show takes place at 10.30am, 12.30pm, 2.30pm and 4.30pm every day

Sheep Dog and Duck Display

Sheep Dog and Duck display; is an interactive wonderful piece of entertainment. The intelligence of the sheep dog is matched only by the cuteness of the ducks. This is well worth a look for 2017, particularly if you have small children.

Birds of Prey

Once again the Hawking Centre based at Doddington Place Gardens provided  wonderful birds of prey demonstrations. Visitors were able to meet the birds on their static display and talk to the falconers who will be pleased to answer any questions they had. Once in the Countryside Ring the birds really showed off their skills, allowing visitors to get a real sense of the power of some of these beautiful creatures.

Ferret Racing

Ferret Racing was a  unique opportunity to see these wonderful creatures up close. The ferrets were encouraged to race through pipes and the crowd picks their favourite to cheer on. Cheeky, cute and mischievous every family should have one!

Hound Pens

Hounds have been a part of British country life for hundreds of years and the highly organised alert pack listen for commands and calls from the Master of the pack. The displays took place in the Countryside Ring for the 2016 Show, and shouldn’t be missed for 2017!

Terrier Racing

Join The Terrier Team for a high speed, highly entertaining and very popular event of racing terrier. As they are released from the trap, watch them chase the lure in a desperate bid to win. Audience members and their four legged friends are invited in to the arena to take part and see how they fare in this fun and exciting show. As the finale, watch Pip the Jack Russell race a trained Hawk across the arena. Not one to be missed!

The Hawking Centre will have awesome Bird of Prey Free flying demonstrations taking place twice a day. The demonstrations range from Owls to Hawks, Falcons, Eagles, Buzzards and Vultures with an emphasis on how these birds work in the wild with lots of audience participation. With an entertaining commentary throughout, the falconers work with the birds of prey to give the public a chance to see close-up the birds and their behaviour, which most often we now only see on wildlife television programmes. There is never a dull moment, as members of the audience are often called upon as volunteers to assist in the Falconry display, or even have a go themselves.

The Mole Show

A humorous insight into a strange world that lies beneath our feet- The Kingdom of the Mole. For many years man has battled with this unseen foe to eradicate them from fields and gardens and here at the Mole Show we will enlighten, educate and entertain as we explain in only a way that the Mole Show can why man’s plight so often fails!

 Gamegoer Gundogs

With over 20 years experience we have a sound understanding of Show and Corporate needs. We are able to offer tailor-made gundog displays, incorporating an element of falconry and ferrets to compliment all types of Show and Corporate Event.  Our Gamegoer team will be present throughout the day to assist with advice and tips on pet problems.  Whilst our attractive static display will provide an opportunity for the show-goers to meet the “artistes” at close-quarters.