The Shetland Pony Grand National

A high speed dash, a blur of colours silks, flying manes and tails and the roar of the crowd – the excitement of the day at the races condensed into the Shetland pony size. The ultimate family entertainment and a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. More than 60 ponies started the season all hoping to be the lucky 10 who make it to Olympia. The ponies were paraded, jockeys mounted and were led down to the start before being sent on their way over 2 ½ laps incorporating 12 ‘mini’ Aintree fences, as the crowd cheered on their favourite steed.

The Kent Spitfire known as ‘Spirit of Kent’ from the Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar

The ‘Spirit of Kent’ better known as ‘The Kent Spitfire’ is a MK9 TA805 with the No. 234 Squadron colours.  The aircraft flies in memory of No. 131 (County of Kent) Fighter Squadron.  The Kent Spitfire completed an exciting display over the Kent Showground on all three Show days.

The plane was sold to the South African Airforce in the early 1960’s as an operational aircraft.  It flew until 1976 when it was scrapped.  It returned to the UK in the 1980’s and was rebuilt on the Isle of Wight.  The Heritage Hangar later purchased the plane, and  are delighted that they are able to fly her at the Kent County Show.

The display commentary took place in the main Astor Ring but the iconic aircraft was seen and heard over the entire Show.

Titan the Robot

Our old friend Titan was back at the Show for  all three days.  This giant robot is a must see for anyone coming to the Kent County Show.

Titan’s unique blend of comedy, street theatre and music created a show unrivalled in the world today and has lead him to appear on TV shows such as Big Brother, Daybreak and the Gadget Show as well as popping up at many prestigious events including the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix and the UK premier of iRobot and Real Steel. Titan has also worked alongside superstars including, Rihanna , Will Smith and Jackie Chan.

Since his conception way back when, Titan the Robot has become a bit of a big deal and his comical antics have built up a cult following in the real world as well as on the World Wide Web. Titan’s live performances can draw large crowds and a first encounter with the 2.4m robot can make even the bravest of people just a little nervous.


With the most anatomically realistic live Tyrannosaurus show in the UK, visitors met a variety of dinosaurs including Dexter, a 2 year old Baby T.rex who walks, roars and chases on command! The accompanying Dinosaur Wranglers are very well trained and will help keep the dinosaurs under control at all times! They will also be bringing their Dinosaur Nursery, with a new-born T.Rex, a baby Triceratops, and a baby Stegosaurus that visitors can hug and stroke up close.  If you love anything to do with Dinosaurs, just ask to see their fossil collection, including a 1 meter life-size T.rex footprint, a Triceratops Horn, and a variety of teeth and claws that you can hold.

Mr and Mrs Flora

Mr and Mrs Flora were greeting visitors around the Show. They were enchanting with the most dramatic living flower displays ever seen. Entirely costumed in scented silk flowers that are so realistic, visitors ask if they’ve been freshly picked. These breath-takingly beautiful stilt-walkers left visitors of all ages completely spell-bound.

Lamb National

The sheep, with their colours and jockeys on board, were paraded and introduced to the audience. With names such as Red Ram, Sheargar and Woolly Jumper, the crowd chose their winning sheep. The sheep are then led to the start line and away they go down a course of brightly coloured jumps, accompanied by an amusing commentary, then through the finish line and the winner was announced.

Free Pony Rides

Pony Parties Kent is based in Ryarsh, Kent. With over 30 years knowledge, they have been involved with horses all their lives from breeding, teaching people to ride, schooling, breaking in horses, re-training racehorses, jump judging and  giving pony rides at fetes. Their love of children and ponies gave the company the idea of holding pony parties which they have been doing very successfully for the past 5 years. Ash and Toby are their wonderfully natured and experienced ponies and every child’s dream. They love to be groomed, pampered, glittered and plaited.

Old Milk Parlour 

Visit the unique display of a vintage dairy, dating from the 1940’s to the 1960’s. The display  provided an insight into how milk was produced and how the cow was milked right through to the bottling of milk. On display were the tools, gadgets and veterinary medicines that the farmer used. The display not only works but has all the sounds and smells of a working dairy farm. Feel free to chat to the owner, he built it all himself.

Vic Ellis’s roving One Man Band

Vic is popular with all ages and suitable for a wide range of events and venues. A unique performer, covered with over 20 instruments, he sings and dances to his own music.  Vic’s repertoire is very impressive and includes traditional airs, sea shanties, cockney songs, etc., etc. Smiles are guaranteed. Vic wandered the Showground helping to create a party atmosphere.

Kentish Morris Dancers

You wouldn’t be at a Kent County Show without seeing a few Morris Dancers.  Steeped in Kentish tradition, Morris dancing is often associated with beer and it is the link to hop gardens and brewing that has fostered a link with the county.  Its origins are not completely known but by the early 16th century morris dancing had become a fixture of Church festivals. In medieval and Renaissance England, the churches brewed and sold ales, including wassail. Later in the century the morris became attached to village fetes, and the May Day revels; Shakespeare says “as fit as a morris for May Day” and “a Whitsun morris dance. Escribe Kits Coty Morris were at the Show on Friday, Boughton Monchelsea Morris on Saturday and Bagman Hartley Morris men on Sunday.

Antiques Village

Browse, buy and be entertained at the Antique and Vintage Market in the John Hendry Pavilion. A vibrant area bursting with antique, vintage, retro, collectable, shabby chic, preloved, upcycled and bizarre items. Plus upholstery demonstrations, a chill area, music and quick craft ideas for adults and children – all with a bygone theme.

Yarn Bombing – New for 2017

New for 2017, the Woolly Maids from Maidstone were yarn bombing the trees and fences around the bandstand and Catering Court A to add a bright and colourful addition to the area.


The traditional funfair is a nostalgic nod to days gone by when funfairs were built by craftsmen and travelled the country. The Kent County Show had an exciting blend of rides and stalls that tests your skills and give you plenty of thrills!