The Food Hall

The new Food Hall in the Clive Emson Conference and Exhibition Centre will be a fantastic addition for 2017.  Historically sited in a tent by the main entrance, the new permanent building will showcase the wonderful local, national and international produce.  Butchers, cheesemakers, bakers and confectioners are just some of the 50 producers who will be selling their produce and products.  The enticing smells, warm welcome and the large indoor picnic area where you can buy and try are just some of the reasons why we think our visitors will say this is their favourite part of the Show.

Wine and Cheese Tent

The Cheese and Wine Tent were shown where visitors can see how far our cheese & wine industry has come over the past decade.  British producers regularly win global awards and some of the producers will be at the Kent County Show.

Kent has a strong tradition for producing great beer and cider, there are plenty of opportunities throughout the Showground to sample and buy some of Kent’s finest.

Produced in Kent 

There is plenty of local produce from ‘The Garden of England’ to be found at the Show. Produced in Kent will have a large area dedicated to local producers who not only sell their goods, but are more than happy to chat to visitors about where they source ingredients, how they make the product and ultimately how wonderful it tastes.  Cheese makers, meat producers and a host of homemade jams and chutneys are some of the wonderful products available. There is also plenty of delicious food-to-go from pulled pork to venison burgers.

National Cherry and Soft Fruit Show

The National Cherry and Soft Fruit Show is unique, probably the only combined cherry and soft fruit show in the world and it’s at the Kent County Show! The NCSFS is a celebration of fruit growing that allows some of the best growers in the country to show the public what they do. All fruit displayed is sold to the public and can be reserved at any time during the Show (for collection on Sunday), however as visitors often remark on the fantastic aromas coming from all the ripe fruit, you’ll have to be quick to avoid disappointment.

The NCSFS is open to any commercial fruit grower and the following crops can be exhibited : blackberries, blueberries, blackcurrants, gooseberries, loganberries, raspberries, redcurrants, strawberries, stone fruit including cherries plums and apricots. For more information visit the National Cherry and Soft Fruit Show website.

Kent Beekeeping

One of the hidden gems of the Kent County Show is the Kent Beekeepers display of beekeeping and honey and this year it has moved to become part of the Garden Life marquee. Visitors are able to meet the beekeepers of Kent who are working to conserve the honey bee population of the county. Find out why bees are important to us, our food supply and the environment, see how honey bees are kept, look inside beehives (with no bees in), see how honey is extracted and wonder at the organisation of a live bee colony in an observation hive. Visitors are also able to take the opportunity to watch and listen to live demonstrations of beekeeping in our special apiary. Learn about the other pollinators at work in our orchards, fields and gardens. Visitors can taste the honey and buy the products from the hive including honey, candles, cosmetics and other products made from the bees hardwork.